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Discover ultimate protection with the Ceramic Pro Platinum package at Fantazy Motorsport. This includes 5 coats of Ceramic Pro 9H for unrivaled defense. Fantazy Motorsport is the industry leader in paint protection services.

The search for Ceramic Pro coating San Fernando Valley ends here! Fantazy Motorsport proudly presents the Ceramic Pro Platinum package, our ultimate offer for unrivaled protection. With a total of five coats of Ceramic Pro 9H, this package takes vehicle protection to the highest level. Each application of Ceramic Pro 9H adds a ceramic reinforcement that acts as a protective shield, and safeguards your vehicle’s paint from environmental contaminants. This package is designed for hardcore auto enthusiasts and dedicated car aficionados who demand the utmost level of protection. With a manufacturer-issued lifetime warranty, Ceramic Pro provides long-lasting defense against minor scratches, oxidation, premature aging, road salt, and brake dust. In addition, it also delivers a captivating high gloss finish and incredible water repellant properties.

The Platinum Package begins with a thorough prep wash and dry process that ensures the vehicle is in immaculate condition for the coating application. Proceeding this, our expert technicians apply a total of five layers of Ceramic Pro 9H to all paint surfaces, including the headlights and taillights. We pay special attention to the wheels and calipers by removing them prior to the application of the Ceramic Pro 9H coating to ensure the most comprehensive protection. This meticulous approach guarantees that all parts your wheels are shielded from the harshest elements. To further enhance the protection and longevity of your vehicle’s interior, we offer the option to apply Ceramic Pro Leather or Textile to every seat in the cabin. With these interior applications, spills and liquids are repelled, which provides you with an effortless cleanup. The protected surfaces provide an easy maintenance keep your interior in pristine condition.

Included In Platinum Package
  • 5 layers of Ceramic Pro 9H
  • 1 extra layer of Ceramic Pro 9H (applied to exposed areas)
  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Light (applied as top coat)
  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro 9H (interior & exterior wheels and plastics)
  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro 9H (front & rear lights)
  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Rain (front side windows & windshield)
  • 1 layer of Ceramic Pro Rain or Ceramic Pro Leather (interior seats)
  • Lifetime warranty

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Ceramic Pro: Pinnacle of Protection

At Fantazy Motorsport, we understand that each vehicle is unique and requires a customized approach. That is why we offer free, personalized quotes tailored to your specific needs. With the Ceramic Pro Platinum package from Fantazy Motorsport, your vehicle will receive the pinnacle of protection. Trust us to protect and enhance the appearance of your vehicle with the industry-leading Ceramic Pro coatings. Experience the ultimate automotive protection and aesthetics. Contact Fantazy Motorsport today for your Ceramic Pro coating San Fernando Valley, to schedule an appointment and give your vehicle the transformative power of the Ceramic Pro Platinum package. Your vehicle deserves the very best, and we are here to make it a reality.

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